Our Mission:

Reach for the Stars Aim to Encourage Interaction Between The People of Berks County And our community with Down syndrome.





Music moves their soul. They are the purest, sweetest, kindest form of nice. They bring grace and lovingness to all they do. They know so much more than we can ever grasp, possibly because they are content to be silent and listen; this is the avenue of true wisdom. These are our children. These children have more, not less, they teach us more than we will ever dream of teaching them.

These children have Down syndrome. In the beginning it sounds frightening, but as their parents, friends, family, and community we now have the opportunity to trump all our fears with giving love and pursuing joy. Reach for the Stars would like to invite you to celebrate all individuals with Down syndrome with us!

Jacks-Dad-BlogPlease take a moment to read Jack’s Dad Blog
written by one of our parents.
It helps give encouragement to parents
who have kids with special needs.




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